Industry Partners

Belay Technologies has built a solid reputation with customers by providing top notch talent and offering innovative solutions utilizing current technologies in our industry.  Our people act as team leads on multiple contracts, merging technical expertise with leadership skills and delivering value-added improvements and solutions to customers.  As such, we have become sought-after amongst our industry leaders and have established relationships that have allowed for growth and stability for our company.

Mantech International
Mantech – 5/14/2008 – We maintain an automated environment provisioning and testing framework. BelaySMEs white-papered an automated provisioning and testing system to replace a slow manual testing. Beta implementation reduced testing cycles from two months to two hours. The system has been in operation for 10 years.
The Boeing Company
Boeing – 1/15/2012 – Belay provides software development, testing, and outreach services. Belay SMEs white-papered a consolidated PKI credential managements and lookup system that acts as middle man to CASPORT. Upon implementation, credential lookup times were reduced from 5000ms to 1ms.
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin – 12/15/2014 – Belay is a sub for AMPERE, CTS and SILVERQUARTER and provides software development, testing, and database engineering services. Belay SMEs white-papered various ways to improve the existing PANORAMA suite to improve performance issues on the front and back end by modernizing the overall architecture and scalability.
Leidos – 05/10/2015 – Belay was added as a partner on the contract providing network engineering and security services.
Praxis Engineering – 8/2015 – Belay Technologies was brought on as an SME to the BLUEROCKET contract primed by Praxis Engineering for Software Development contributions
CACI – 8/2016 – Belay Technologies joined CACI’s MIDDLEWARE contract specializing in back-end development.

Belay is teamed with Lockheed-Martin, Leidos, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Praxis, Entegra, and Tensley for multiple upcoming contracts.