Our Mission

Belay Technologies provides IT services and designs customized tools in the areas of Virtualization, Software Development, Test Automation, Systems and Network Administration and Computer Network Operations (CNO) to support the Department of Defense and commercial customers. Our mission is to provide advanced, smart, versatile tools and services that deliver benchmark capabilities enhancing productivity, reducing cost and improving quality of output for our customers and delivering the very best of our team’s skillsets.  We do this with a focus on the following concepts:


We take the smart approach to our work. We don’t settle for status quo, we dive into new technology, offer solutions and build things to meet today’s standards. If we can think it, we can do it.


mountain climbers
Streamlining technologies, advancing automated and virtual capabilities, and developing high performance tools and solutions to speed up and improve output is what we do.


innovation light bulbs
We convert ideas into reality.  Our imagination has taken us this far, and we don’t see the clouds as the limit, the extraordinary is within our reach.


fun racing
We like to have fun, it can inspire and motivate creativity.  Whether it’s a party or talking ‘shop’ via chat, Belay offers a low pressure ‘home away from home’ for our team.

Are You Hungry For A Challenge?