Belay Technologies leads in the development of virtual computer hardware platforms, operating systems, storage devices, and computer network resources. Virtual environments have been a cornerstone to our in-house and customer developed tools for automating tasks and increasing output efficiency.

Software Development

Belay Technologies delivers on agile metholodology and full life cycle development in the design, improvement, operations and system maintenance for mission critical software systems, including service oriented architecture, web development, and cloud development. We have introduced and developed multiple systems and tools with enhanced capabilities to meet customer requirements utilizing various programming languages, scripting and development tools.

Test Automation

Belay Technologies is the SME in Test Automation, our customers have benefited from our development of tools that converted 2-month test cycles to a matter of hours in a fully automated and exercised environment to meet agile pace of development. Our in-house Products are available on Github, and offer a versatile task/test automation tool that can apply to any device, operating system, patches/upgrades in any environment on a highly scalable virtual platform.

Systems and Network Administration

Belay Technologies monitors and manages large-scale system and network infrastructures to ensure system security and continuous operations of systems including network configuration, installation of new software, hardware, upgrades/patches, system integration and operation, firewall, security and deployment tasks are maintained for customer.

Computer Network Operations (CNO)

Belay Technologies provides support for Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) and Computer Network Defense (CNO) services including data exploitation, reverse engineering, embedded development, software and system re-engineering, defense and security solutions including mobile technologies and cyber security solutions.